Lead Times

Our fixtures are hand finished and assembled for the best quality. Standard lead times are 2 - 4 weeks before shipping, and can take longer depending on order size and component sourcing. We will always keep you informed if progress is taking longer than usual.

Available Finishes

Currently to our direct consumers we only offer brushed brass with a renaissance wax finish, or no finish. The wax finish will keep the bright brass from tarnishing. The no finish option will allow the brass to oxidize and darken over time to a bronze appearance. All of our brass fixtures should be installed with “white glove” care to avoid scratching and oils from skin that can cause tarnishing

We are working to bring more finish options to our customers in the near future, including a blackened brass.

To industry or trade professionals we do offer other finishes by request and work with a local sources. This can affect price depending upon the size of order. Contact us for your custom finish requirements.


At present time we ship by USPS and charge a flat rate of $8 per fixture for sconces or single surface mounts. The larger clusters are a flat rate of $40 to insure the safest method of shipping. For industry professionals with multi-piece orders we will custom quote the shipping. We can ship other methods (Fedex, UPS) upon request if you contact us before your order. Local St. Louis orders can be hand delivered (within a reasonable geographic area) if coordinated. We are working on a future shipping system that calculates by weight and delivery location.


The Node series is very modular which allows for almost limitless combinations. Contact us for customizations. We are also available to design completely custom fixtures. We can do add-ons such as pull cords, switches, etc.

UL / CE Certification

At this time we are a very small studio and do not have the resources for UL or CE certification on our fixtures. However, all of the electrical components we use are UL certified, and we adhere to the assembly guidelines provided by UL.