Long overdue....

I have officially launched the Bevel Pendant, my first light fixture. The first of hopefully many more to come. 

This pendant idea came to me from my love for all things Scandinavian design. A design scene where the triangle and chevron are used as an everyday basic, which sits right at home with my taste! While working on many different (other) light fixture ideas to be my first, this one just sort of came to me almost by accident. So I just went with it and kept it simple. And in true Scandinavian fashion it is available in matte black. 

I drew up the design and put it into Solidworks to make sure all the parts were going to give me the results I was looking for. 

After some slight modifications I sourced the custom body (which is two separate parts) from a metal spinner (I found a new manufacturing love!) and the remaining stock parts & cord from a supplier. Then worked with a local powder coater. Tested the final piece and here we are!

Posted on July 29, 2014 .