EVRT is the design studio of Brian Everett. As a full time Industrial Designer for over 12 years through various industries, I have fallen in love with the manufacturing of things. The way things work and how they are made will always capture my curiosity. In a similar fashion, different curriculum's of creation have also been a part of my life. Instead of only focusing on one form of design I have naturally leaned towards multidisciplinary skills, learning as much as possible from different crafts and using that as an advantage. 

The studio was born in 2007 when I was fortunate enough to create a small line of artwork for CB2. It was then I realized I now had an outlet to accomplish some of my other passions that I don't get to fulfill with my everyday career. And many times I am collaborating ideas with my wife Lori whom is an Architect. I focus on quality goods using local sourcing and in many cases handmade by me whenever possible. If I can't make it locally it at least stays within the US. 

We are constantly working on new product ideas and lately have been working on custom lighting as well as some lighting that will be available very soon through the online shop. Check back soon!

We are located in the St. Louis, MO area.


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